Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Snow Storm...

Another 6 inches fell two nights ago...sigh.  It's very pretty, but I what I wouldn't give to not live where it's cold more than half of the year.
On my drive to the doctors, I kept pulling over my car to take picures of all the prettiness.  Luckily, I didn't get stuck in a snow bank. :-)

The shop is still slow going, but Im trying to list new prints regularly and have now had 8 sales!  whoot!  I am loving the fact that photos I take that dont fit anywhere else seem to fit perfectly in bird and bloke...well, most of the time.
Anyway, here are a few images from yesterday...some available in shop:


  1. love the road photo ... gorgeous chica! personally though at this point i am so over snow.

  2. oh god, i know. just be done already!