Thursday, January 28, 2010

New work...

We have several new things in our shop...these are just a few of them.  Its been slow going, but I ordered some prints this week and they look amazing!  We are printing through whcc, which deal only with professional photographers and use beautiful archival papers and inks.
All of these, and more, are available at

Some objects just seem to photograph beautifully.  Old typewriters, vintage cameras, vintage fans, suitcases and of course pianos.

I love train tracks...the idea of going somewhere new...or going home...

My new favorite.  I love this so much I think I will frame it and hang it myself :-)


  1. gorgeous ...

    & i use WHCC also. Any company that will ship to a military base overseas as quickly as they do, without random charges & has such wonderful customer service ... not to mention the quality of their prints etc ...

  2. they are amazing! the lollipops are a nice touch as well ;)

  3. So beautiful! Especially the piano, lovely