Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shop now open!

Andy and I have spent the past week going through our photos and thinking of names and working on banners etc.  and the shop is finally open!

We also started a twitter account...what for, I really dont know!

Some of the photography for sale in the shop includes the Drive series (see first post here) and our images from the Ann Arbor law quad...a favorite destination.

Its great to somewhere to sell my images that just dont fit in my other shops ( Elle Moss and Alice B. Gardens).  Like these abstract works:

We will be filling Bird and Bloke over the next few days, so check back for more!


  1. gorgeous b&w images ... love the variety ... composition ... & the contrast is wonderful! & of course interesting in hearing about how you guys ended up doing this together!

    ps. the top image reminds of cambridge, england. I think it's the architecture & the college feel ... love it!

  2. Absolutely fabolous pictures!

    I came here through the Etsy Blogspot-call forum post!